About #


My name is Frederik Dietz and I'm a passionate software developer, located in beautiful Hamburg, Germany. You can correspond in German or English.

I'm a founder and freelance developer with more than 15 years experience and contributor to open-source and free software.

For more detailed information have a look at my GitHub, Twitter, XING or LinkedIn profiles.

Hire me #

I'm available as a freelancer to support your team on-site (or remote). Additionally, I can build and deploy your web application as a full service.

Workshops #

I help you getting your team up to speed in modern Javascript, Vue.js and GraphQL technologies in my workshops. Get in touch to learn more.

Skills #

Latest Client Projects #

Insurance Backoffice Platform build for sum.cumo #

Implementation of a backoffice platform using GraphQL and Vue.js on which future client projects are based on. Successfully on ramped first new client on newly built platform — Link

Integration of modern GraphQL stack for XING AG #

Design and implementation of the tooling and components for the Settings project using GraphQL, React, Ruby on Rails — Link

Integration of modern ReactJS based frontend stack at Event Inc #

Consulting, mentoring and implementing the tooling and components which form the basis of future product work - Link

Build ReactJS tooling and component library for XING AG #

As part of the XING frontend architecture team building the tooling and component library using ReactJS. Integration with existing Ruby on Rails systems and rollout with multiple teams — Link

Implementation of new asset management for Wer liefert Was #

Implementation and roll out of a new Grunt based asset pipeline and optimization of deployment and versioning of assets with multiple Ruby on Rails apps — Link

Legacy code migration for XING AG profile pages #

Assisting the XING backend architecture team with migrating a central legacy component to a new Ruby on Rails backend serving 200 million requests per day. Used technologies are Ruby, Rails, Elixir and Phoenix. — Link