Vue.js Component Patterns Course #

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What you'll learn #

The goal of this course is to teach you the fundamentals to make Vue.js components that are simpler, more flexible and most of all fun to build and use!

This course is the fastest way to get up to speed with advanced Vue.js concepts and is guarantueed to jump start your learning.

Who is this course for? #

This course is for everyone with a basic understanding of Vue.js who wants to learn more about using components effectively.

Why you should learn more about components #

Having build frontends in multiple frameworks, I'm fascinated by how all these frameworks converge on the very same idea of a reusable component.

And it really is a repeating pattern. You have a component which encapsulates state, logic and even styling. With props in and events out, you can use these components to compose complex UIs.

It is therefore well worth to invest more time in learning how to work with components effectively

What you'll learn #

The full course is currently 12 chapters long with more content added constantly.

Exercises with Solutions #

Apply what you learn with more than 12 interesting and real-life exercises with solutions.

twitter demo

Some components you will build:

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Download the whole course for free.

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