Columba 1.0 RC3 Released

13 June, 2005

Hi everyone,we finally released 1.0 RC3!I'd like to thank especially, Mark for tracking down sooo many bugs and Timo for not getting tired to fix all of them...Personally for me and I know for Timo, too, this was a very hard release. Timo just moved to Saarbrücken and is doing his Ph.D. in Computer Science, I started work at SAP Germany. We both had almost no spare time to work on Columba. Nevertheless, I'm really proud of this new release. It has a couple of very interesting new features, lots of code/design cleanups and dozens of bugfixes.Last month alone, we had almost 300.000 web hits on our new website. Columba's is a great success in India where it is shipped alongside OpenOffice and Mozilla Firefox. And still, my feeling is that its going to become even more exciting.As you might have heard already, this is our last release candidate before the final 1.0 release, which is about to happen in 4-6 weeks. So, stay tuned, help us tracking down the remaining problems and download the new versionDownloadRelease NotesHave fun,-Frederik