Happy New Year!

01 January, 2007

Hope everyone out there had a "Guten Rutsch" which is a German term describing the transition from the old into the new year - need something for my headache before I can go on!Its been awhile since I wrote in my blog. First of all you might have noticed the changes in my address. Yes, its not ".de" anymore - its now ".name". My old domain was hijacked! You might ask how this can happen, but its pretty simple actually. I had my nice blog, website and email server running hosted by some company and wanted to move all my stuff to a new host. Thing is you have to change the domain to point to the new address. Usually the old host sends you a note that the domain is free again and with that note you can go to the new host. Very simple process! But, in my case something went wrong in the middle, I did receive the note too late, someone else already took it :-( I refuse to pay a whole lot of my money for a domain, which was only bought by that individual to make me buy it back!In case you send me emails to my mail@frederikdietz.de account, you didn't even get any notifications or bounce messages. I guess, I lost quite a few messages from people who have most probably know idea about my problems. So, in case you send me an email and have not received an answer yet, try mail@frederikdietz.name, please.The Columba Development Blog is still on the main website. I will try to reference back and forth to not confuse people, if there's something relevant.A lot of things happenend in the Java Realm. We have a very nice Java6 Release out of the door, Java is going to be Open Source... Who would have thought that 5 years ago! So, there will be still quite a lot of Java related topics here, also Enterprise Java as this is my daily job, but still Swing will not be forgotten ;-)Happy New Year!