Microsoft is on it again

30 January, 2004

Seems like Microsoft is finally doing something against the latest URL spoofing bugs in its IE browser:;%5Bln%5D;833786.Ok, I have to admit that typing in every URL in the addressbar, instead of clicking links, firing up JScript commands to identify website spoofing and always using SSL/TLS doesn't sound very user friendly. But hey, Microsoft was always very good in making things easy and transparent for users. So, my feeling is that we just have to trust them here...Of course, instead you can also just stop using IE and download Mozilla instead. In fact, I'm writing this entry in Mozilla Firebird. It just took me too long to fire up my JScript to check if my blog is not spoofing me in any way.Don't forget to send Microsoft a message making them switch their website to a secure SSL/TLS thingy. This would at least provide us with a secure connection to their knowledge-base ;-)