Please SF, remove my stale locks!

28 January, 2004

Ok, development on Columba is non-functional for more than 2 weeks now. This is due ongoing problems with Sourceforge's CVS servers. I surely see that they had to do some updating and I don't want to complain about a free service, either. But they should at least try to do better on communication. I'm really starting to feel kind a dump, getting asked for a dozen times now, what OS, what CVS client, which SSH version, etc. I'm running. I really tried to help them track down the problem but they just seem to be too busy fixing their problems.I've proposed a move to another host, most probably to Note, that I'm talking about CVS only. Everything else will stay on sourceforge. We'll see what others have to say.My feeling is that sf is just not scaling anymore that easily, given that they host about 70.000 projects - an incredible number. So, maybe its about time to change our host. Many people rely on our sources including business people. This downtime is just not acceptable for me.