Published Vue.js Component Patterns Course

16 August, 2018

I've just published my new course 🎉 Vue.js Component Patterns 🎉

The course consists of an ebook (PDF, mobi, epub) and an optional set of exercises with solutions to apply what you learn.

Following the lean publishing style the course is still a work in progress, but can be purchased already. Early buyers get a discount and can help improve the course by joining the Community. I'm looking forward to get in touch with readers and gather as much feedback as possible!

While we are at it: I'm currently searching for early reviewers to get some more thorough feedback on the current content. Ping me if you are interested! You get the whole thing for free, of course! Many thanks in advance for spreading the message!

Currently, the book consists of 12 chapters with around 30 examples which gradually build on each other in each chapter. Additionally, I've created 12 exercises with solutions.

I have currently 3 more chapters in the pipeline and want to work much more on the exercise/solutions part. Additionally, work has been started on a well behaving component checklist for buyers of the complete package.


Why are there no videos? #

That's probably the first question which comes up, since nowadays most stuff is offered in some kind of video format.
Honestly, this is just a matter of personal taste. Learning by watching videos was never my thing. I learn much faster when I can read my content and the exercises with solutions help applying what I learn.

Why focus on components? #

Having build frontends in multiple frameworks, I'm fascinated by how all these frameworks converge on the very same idea of a reusable component.
And it really is a repeating pattern. You have a component which encapsulates state, logic and even styling. With props in and events out, you can use these components to compose complex UIs.
I am fascinated how this enables to transfer my knowledge from Angular, to React and Vue.js!

If you are a software developer who just moved from jQuery to Vue.js, this should be your next step in my humble opinion!

Get a discount #

If you are a student or otherwise the book is too expensive for you, ping me for a discount!