So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

12 August, 2007

I've been working or better playing around with Columba the better half of my student years. Especially the latest release was quite difficult to manage. RL (aka real life) kept me quite busy and is also the reason why I now finally decided to stop developing on Columba.
I had so much fun meeting and working with all different kinds of people from throughout the world. Thank you all for your support!It was not quite the ride we planned. Thinking about it - we never really planned anything ;-) But, that's probably the reason why it was so much fun!As Timo and me are now both not able to contribute any more, I hope that someone is interested in taking over from here. Java and especially Desktop Java is becoming more and more interesting. If so drop me an email, please!Whoever wants to stay in touch - I've got some good news. I've reactivated my blog again! So, cu at !