Still alive and happy hacking on Columba again

06 May, 2004

I've finally finished my exams and thesis paper. So, starting with todayI'm back developing on Columba againFirst of all the roadmap at slightly outdated. I'm going to update the items list this week. The M3 releaseis going to happen at Mai the 30th. Furthermore, I'm planning to dotesting releases on Mai the 8th and Mai the 16th.This is the last Milestone release, which should be much more stable andpolished as compared to M2, which sadly contained a couple of veryannoying bugs. The testing releases, the new testcases and a soon to beupdated Smoketest ( ensure this.Last Milestone also means, last version with new major features. This isthe reason why I would like to call it v1.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1), insteadof Milestone M3. Afterwards only RC will be released until Columba is stableenough for a final 1.0 version. This also includes user/developer documentation.My feeling is that this will happen around 2 months later.I know that many people would like to see much more new features in Columba,including changing it into a complete Groupware solution comparable to MS Outlookand other apps.Timo and me concluded a while ago that the best for Columba will be to get astable release out of the door as fast as possible. With such a stable version,it will be very easy to add additional features or even concentrate more ona complete collaboration tool. Users will most likely do without a missing feature,but they won't use beta software.Considering the latest discussions ( creating open-source software with good user interfaces, robustness andcomplete documentation my feeling is that this is a very reasonable plan.So, stay tuned.