Symbol#to_proc and Ruby's Open Classes

21 August, 2008

Just saw an article related to my last post about Symbol#to_proc. Very interesting read!

And even more fun is this article which explains the same mechanism and currying on top:proc {|x, y, z| x + y + z }.curry returns the equivalent of: proc {|x| proc {|y| proc {|z| x + y + z } } }

Here's the example: plus_five = proc { |x,y,z| x + y + z }[10] #=> 15 I've seen something similar in Scala.

A good explanation of Scala function currying can be found in Daniel Spiewak's blog. BTW, Scala finally got a new website!

And even better: Just got an E-Mail from that the 4th edition of "Programming in Scala" arrived. Something to read for the weekend!